Mini USB power boost on the go with Motorola P970

Mini USB power boost on the go with Motorola P970


It seems that portable power sources have become almost (okay, not quite) as popular as iPod speaker docks these days, because just about every accessory manufacturer has come up with some solution to provide extra juice on the go when a conventional wall plug just isn’t available. You know that portable power is a lucrative market when a big dog like Motorola jumps into the mix, and that’s exactly what the big M has done with the new P970 mini USB charger.

Most of Motorola’s new cell phone offerings these days – including the now perennial RAZR – get their power via standard miniUSB these days, instead of the propriety ports of yesteryear. Using this mini charger, all of your newer Motorola mobiles (and maybe, just maybe, other miniUSB-powered devices like popular MP3 players and – gasp – other cell phones) can get a 1700mAh battery boost in a jiffy.

No official word on pricing, but the Motorola Portable Power P970 charger should become available sometime in the third quarter of this year in a variety of colors to match your flavour of RAZR or PEBL.