Intempo tickled pink over new Buddy GPS

Intempo tickled pink over new Buddy GPS


Pink. No color could possibly be more feminine, and it’s a color that sells otherwise boring gadgets like hotcakes. The Motorola RAZR received a huge boost in sales when they clad the slim flip phone in a rosy hue, and the same can be said for any number of other products geared for the estrogen-powered set. The latest in the line of pink gadgetry is the Buddy GPS unit from Intempo Digital.

The electronics maker has me a little concerned, though, because the official website is telling us to “never mind all that techie stuff.” No features or specifications have been provided, but it seems safe to assume that it will do maps in both two and three dimensions, as well as include points of interest.

Oh, and it’s pink, let’s not forget that it’s pink, because that is easily this unit’s biggest selling point. Maybe that’s enough. Even if they don’t tell us when we should be expecting it or how much we should be expecting to shell out to get one.