Dell reveals details for D420 ultraportable notebook

Dell reveals details for D420 ultraportable notebook


A lot more information has surfaced since we were first teased about this ultraportable laptop last month. Dell has gotten around to making an official announcement about the D420, a three-pound laptop sporting a 12.1-inch widescreen display that could very well be the next lightweight dream machine, following in the footsteps of the popular 700m and 710m.

For starters, this lightweight laptop will come with either Cingular (HSDPA) or Verizon (EV-DO) support for the Americans in the audience, with love for Vodafone for everyone else. They’ve also mentioned that the D420 will be “802.11n ready”, but until we get some official word regarding that standard, I wouldn’t get too excited. Other key features include a trio of USB ports, a FireWire port, SD card reader, and a “Wi-Fi Catcher switch” that transforms your “shut-down computer into a hotspot finder.”

While a Core Solo processor comes standard, there appears to be an option to go Core Duo. Entry-level models will likely rock 512MB DDR2 RAM, Intel integrated graphics, and a starting price tag of $1,379.