Belkin TuneDeck connects iPod to tape deck

Belkin TuneDeck connects iPod to tape deck


When it comes to a bride’s wedding ensemble, I know the old English rhyme tells them to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”, but I didn’t know that the same applies when it comes to iPod accessories. Maybe it doesn’t take into account those last two items, but the new TuneDeck from Belkin – designed for use with the iPod Nano – clearly bridges the gap between something old and something new.

For those of you who are rocking the latest in portable music playing technology (i.e., an iPod Nano), but are still kicking around in a dated vehicle that sports a tape deck, Belkin’s TuneDeck is for you. Essentially, it plugs straight into your car’s cassette player and allows you to stream music from your favourite glossy white (or black) MP3 player, while the latter is held safely in place with the provided mount. There’s even an included “mobile power cord” that charges your Nano as it jams away.

The Belkin TuneDeck for the iPod Nano will be 50 bucks when it starts shipping next month. How it compares to FM transmitters remains to be seen.