Wii due for another name change?

Wii due for another name change?


Ever since I first heard that Nintendo was calling their new gaming system Wii, I have thought it was a bit ridiculous. Turns out I’m not alone.

I don’t know what kind of person e-mails a company to complain about the name of a product, but apparently 200,000 people have contacted Nintendo to do just that. A message from a mysterious and quite possibly non-existent guy name Mike from the Nintendo marketing department is making its’ rounds. According to the message, the complaints say that the name is the target of jokes and is bad for the reputation of the company. Predictably, urine jokes are the most common approach people take to mock the name.

Officially, Nintendo denies that they have anything but love and joy over the Wii name, so it remains to be seen if any change is made between now and the release date. The company is probably thrilled about the controversy – at least we’re talking about it, which is more than we have done for Nintendo consoles for a while.