Twinbird’s waterproof MP3 player frame rocks a speaker

Twinbird’s waterproof MP3 player frame rocks a speaker


It’s summertime. That means that more people are going to be spending time in the great outdoors, whether that means heading out on a camping and fishing trip, or simply wasting away a lazy Sunday afternoon beside the pool. In any case, a lot of people are going to want to rock some tunes to overcome the deadening silence, but at the same time, can’t afford to cause water damage to their precious glossy white music player.

Fret not, my music loving brethren, because Twinbird has a case for your MP3 player that is not only waterproof, but sports an integrated speaker so you can share your latest Michael Bolton song. Another key feature of this 175 x 77 x 175mm frame is its built-in FM tuner. If you want to show off your newest nano acquisition, you can do that too, because this waterproof case can be used “as a picture frame.”

The XZABADY(AV-J122) — could a model name be any more convoluted? — finds its power from a pair of AA batteries, which provide enough juice for anywhere between six and 22 hours, depending on whether you’re just playing MP3s or rocking the FM radio.