Trio of $300,000 Aston Martins destroyed in Bond filming

Trio of $300,000 Aston Martins destroyed in Bond filming


If you’ve ever wondered why so many Hollywood blockbusters cost millions upon millions of dollars to produce, here’s another tick you can keep in consideration. In a single day of filming for the upcoming “Casino Royale” James Bond movie, they destroyed not one, not two, but three Aston Martins valued at $300,000 a piece. And it’s not like the nearly one million dollars worth of automotive goodness can be recovered either, because they’ve smashed them into pieces.

While they probably could have just destroyed some DB7s — most people can’t tell the difference anyways — they opted to destroy a trio of Aston Martin DBS sports cars. What a shame… though, it’s good to hear that “in the style of 007, our stunt driver walked away without a scratch.”

An interesting side story to this whole thing is that there is a rumor floating about that Daniel Craig, the actor that plays Agent 007 in the new Bond film, didn’t know how to drive a standard transmission and as a result, burned out a clutch on one of the Aston Martins during filming. No confirmation, of course.