Tatung’s tablet PC comes with detachable keyboard

Tatung’s tablet PC comes with detachable keyboard


Can’t decide between the glorious touchscreen capabilities of a tablet PC and the ease of text entry found on a standard laptop computer? Tatung has you covered, because the company’s new TTAB-A12D (just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) is a fully functional tablet PC, but it comes with a (presumably) standard-sized QWERTY keyboard that can be attached when you need it and detached when you don’t.

From what I can tell, the TTAB-A12D will come out of the box running on Microsoft Windows XP. The back of the tablet doesn’t look particularly refined, so my assumption is that this isn’t quite ready for the marketplace just yet and they’re still working on the nitty gritty details. As such, there is no mention of the all important innards.

Instead, what Tatung is willing to tell us about their new Tablet PC — on display at Computex 2006 in Taiwan — is that it comes with a fingerprint reader, a “wide view screen”, a built-in array microphone, and “hot plug battery.” The included light sensor presumably brightens and dims the display in accordance with ambient light levels.