Nokia teams up with Globe for mobile blogging solution

Nokia teams up with Globe for mobile blogging solution


Remember when the internet first started up and it was such a hassle trying to get your own website up and looking nice? Innovative blogging software and more affordable hosting plans has opened up the interweb to the average Joe these past few years, with just about everyone having a blog these days. Even I have one. As more Joe Publics jump into the blogosphere, more companies are starting to recognize the revenue potential.

That’s why Nokia, the world’s largest cell phone maker, has announced a deal with Globe Telecom of the Phillipines to provide the latter’s subscribers with the option to have a “a fully integrated online sharing experience” via mobile blogging. They’re not quite ready to let you use this service with just any old cell phone though. You’ll need to use the “newest compatible Nokia Nseries multimedia computers.” Don’t you love marketing speak?

No additional downloads or installations are needed for Globe customers to make use of G-Blogs, the company’s mobile blogging service. At launch, this new service will work with the Nokia N93 and N73. If you’re in the Phillipines and are not rocking the top of the line Nokias just yet, fret not, because they have you covered with “Nokia Lifeblog”, which allows you to wirelessly post multimedia content captured on your cell phone. Online sharing couldn’t be easier.