It’s the GPS kid-tracker phone

It’s the GPS kid-tracker phone


Keeping track of your kids can be an exercise in frustration these days, as everyone in your family is more mobile than ever before. The GlobalSat TR-101 could be a hit with all members of your family, allowing your kids to talk on the phone and you to be able to find them at all times.

The handset is first and foremost a GPS device, which can send a GPRS or SMS to you the parent, telling you exactly where in the world your kids are at that exact moment. It supports all four frequencies of GSM and is specially designed to fix a position for the weakest signal.

A couple security features are worth noting: You can set up to three preset numbers for the SOS button, which sends a location-based SMS in a split-second. You can also control just who can “check in,” restrictingthe numbers that can ask for GPS coordinates to ten.

The device is a kid-friendly phone as well, with the ability to make and take calls and three quick-dialing buttons that can accommodate preset numbers. It can be plugged in to a PC via a USB cable. It even has an alert, to let your child know that the battery is low.