Helio offers to buy your old electronic junk

Helio offers to buy your old electronic junk


Helio never said that they ran with the crowd. In fact, upstart MVNO has taken the firm position of being a little different from the crowd and they’re continuing with that trend with their latest marketing scheme. It seems that Helio is offering to buy your old electronic goodies. In fact, they’re offering new and recent subscribers CASH and not just semi-useless service credit.

Trom your ancient cell phone and first-gen Palm Pilot to your first megapixel camera and gaming console, they want it all. Well, I shouldn’t say they want it all, because it seems the only portable music player they’re interested in (you can probably guess where this is going) has a name that starts with a lower case ‘i’.

You’re out of luck if you’re trying to pawn off a SanDisk, Creative, or other MP3 player, but if you offer them an original puke green-screened Nintendo Game Boy (pictured), they’ll pony up twenty-six big ones for you. For more coin (think: triple digits), you’ll have to forfeit “meticulously cared-for smartphones” and other pricey items.

Get your quote through the Trade-Up program’s official website located here.