Creative unveils ambient noise-deadening ZEN Aurvana

Creative unveils ambient noise-deadening ZEN Aurvana


While there is little doubt in the industry that the big honking DJ-style headphones provide not only the best sound quality but also the best ambient noise deadening performance, they usually aren’t the most portable option avaiable. Who wants to rock giant freaking headphones while going for a jog or working out at the gym?

For the more discrete look, there are several in-ear earphones that can do a pretty good job and blocking out the rest of the world. Creative has jumped into this segment with its new ZEN Aurvana earbuds, said to “eliminate 90 percent of ambient noise.”

Not only will they “provide audio quality and noise reduction that’s superior to other earphones costing in excess of $150”, but the Aurvana earbuds are also “incredibly lightweight and comfortable.” In each package, you’ll find three different sizes of contoured silicon earbuds (two pairs of each), allowing for the best possible fit.

The Creative Aurvana in-ear earphones will start shipping this month from Amazon,, Fry’s, J&R, and Creative’s own site for 100 smackeroonies.