Car refinishers made from corn sugar

Car refinishers made from corn sugar


It’s not just the fuel that’s made of bio-based materials these days. Now, you can get eco-friendly refinish products for your vehicles as well.

DuPont is one company behind this effort. A new group of refinishers sports bio-based polymers just like those used to make clothing and carpets. At the base of these fibers is plain old corn sugar.

The ingredients are renewable and last longer than others used to make sealers, primers, and clear coats today. Because the ingredients are Nature-based, they are biodegradable as well.

DuPont says its bio process even uses 40 percent less energy than similar efforts made using petrochemicals, which results in reduced emissions over all, an added bonus in the drive toward Green-ness.

The announcement came on the same day that DuPont announced a partnership with British Petroleum to pursue a greater use of biofuels in vehicles. The biofuels are to be manufactured using the same corn sugar-based process.