Device enables Skype conference call

Device enables Skype conference call


This handy conference gadget was manufactured to take advantage of the exceedingly popular VoIP technology known as Skype. The little box has four headphone and microphone ports, so up to four people can plug in and use the same connecting device while using just one Skype account.

Buttons on the top allow each individual to check in or out of the conversation. You can connect the device to a PC using a USB cable, which also provides power for the connection. How far apart everyone sits depends on the length of their cords. The thought of three of my colleagues and I huddling over a little box on a little desk would definitely convince me to buy some headphones with a long cord.

One benefit of having everyone plugged in to the same device is that it cuts down on the feedback. Despite what you might think, the device has been engineered also to eliminate an echo along the line.