Asus flips and slides over M310 and J208, respectively

Asus flips and slides over M310 and J208, respectively


Asus might not be the biggest name here in North America when it comes to cell phones, but they’re a fairly well respected brand over in Asia where they are unleashing the J208 slider phone and M310 flipster. While frequent visitors to Mobile Magazine will be quick to point out that Asus usually comes out with some rather nifty smartphones, these two new phones are much more akin to the standard fare of the world.

Starting with the tri-band M310 clamshell, you get a QVGA internal display for previewing and reviewing the glorious snapshots you’ll be taking with the integrated 2 megapixel camera, which comes complete with autofocus to avoid those awkward blurry shots. Other key features include external music player controls and a microSD expansion slot.

To get your slide on, you’ll have to opt for the Asus J208. It’s also got a 2.0 megapixel camera and microSD expansion slot, but the display isn’t QVGA like the M310. Instead, you get a measly 220 x 176 pixels on the inside. The 64MB of internal flash memory is a welcome addition though.