Air-conditioned shirt is powered by USB

Air-conditioned shirt is powered by USB


Forget the chalk, permanent marker up another tick in the “strange, but maybe useful” column. Just as there are countless iPod accessories on the market, there will be never a shortage of weird peripherals that find their power from a USB port. Sure, we already get the standard issue cooling fans and the like, but for the really hot days, why not opt for a USB-powered air conditioned shirt?

Yup, you heard me right. If you thought the notorious puffy shirt from Seinfeld fame elicited a giggle or two, wait until you someone rocking this air-filled top. Essentially, you plug the appropriate cable into a USB port and the pair of fans (one on the left, the other on the right) starts up on this otherwise run-of-the-mill collared shirt, keeping you dry and cool.

They’ve really thought this thing through. There’s a switch on the USB cable that allows for fan speed control, and for when you’re out and about, there’s an option that allow you to either throw in a quad of AA drycells, or alternatively, make use of the car cigarette lighter port for the required juice.