Wireless speaker for your pool party

Wireless speaker for your pool party


This wireless speaker is encased in a protective layer, thus preventing damage from stray jets of water, powerful rays of sun, errant streams of beer or other animal-related liquids—all.

The not so cleverly named “Weather-Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker” can blast your signal up to 150 feet away, even through walls, using 900MHz frequencies. (Yes, that’s the frequency of a good number of phones, but the second and third audio channels help you avoid interference.)

You can change the volume of your indoor stereo using the outdoor speaker, and even hook up your MP3 player and go to town.

Size is rather small and not all that great to look at, but it has a cool blue light that might get some comments when the sun goes down. One thing to note: It takes a lot of batteries, 8 Ds to be precise. Or you can plug it into an outlet. The price for this weather-proofed wonder is $150 from Brookstone.