Wheelchair friendly car lets you roll right in

Wheelchair friendly car lets you roll right in


Sometimes, an invention makes so much sense that you have to wonder why somebody didn’t think of it before now.

Such is the case with the Kenguru, a car out of Hungary that has been designed with the disabled in mind. No more wasting precious time getting in and out of a traditionally manufactured automobiles with your wheelchair. With the Kenguru, you just open the back hatch and roll yourself right in.

You can lock your chair in place, pop the hatch shut, and off you go.

If it seems too easy to be totally functional, it is. This is rather a small vehicle, on the order of a Smart car but actually smaller, since it carries the driver and only a few of his or her things. It also uses a joystick to control its movements.

Still, it’s a car that drives and goes a lot faster than you could if you had to rely on your wheelchair to get you everywhere. And when you arrive, just reverse the process: Pop the hatch, roll out, close the hatch, lock the car, and off you go.

The Kenguru is designed by Rehab, a Hungarian company that specializes in products for the disabled. Pricing and availability have not been released.