Peugeot debuts its 907 high-powered coupe

Peugeot debuts its 907 high-powered coupe


When I stop and think about some of those European brands that we never get to enjoy here in North America — like Citroen and Renault — I get conflicted. On the one hand, I can envision the fuel-sipping, slow-as-mud city dwellers doing their daily rounds. On the other hand, images of off-road rally driving come to mind, with wild jumps and all-wheel-drive. The new 907 coupe concept fits neither of these stereotypes.

“Peugeot’s swoopy coupe concept”, as Top Gear put it, bears a closer resemblance to some of the highest powered roadsters and coupes on the market, getting right in line with the likes of AMG’d out Mercedes and the like. The 6.0-litre V12 found in the Peugeot 907 is capable of developing 500 horsepower. That extra juice will come in handy when it makes its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, where it will be participating in the Supercar hillclimb Run.

With a body made of carbon fibre, the 907 is incredibly light, and as such there are “wings” in the front fenders and rear quarter panels, as well as a retractable spoiler on the rear to keep the car “pinned to the ground.”

Drooling yet? Too bad, because the 907 will never make it to production and will forever remain “just a concept.”