Archival service for Web-hosted email

Archival service for Web-hosted email


The convenience of having someone else handle your email needs for you is wonderful, as long as you can retrieve older information at a moment’s notice. The one thing that many companies using hosted email servers wish they had is archiving. But today, especially with online hosted email services, archiving is not always an option, mainly because the providers don’t have IT vaults big enough to store all that information.

Enter Cobweb Solutions and ZANTAZ, U.K. tech companies that have formed a partnership to solve this managed email archiving problem for you. The service targets users of Microsoft Hosted Exchange specifically. Since Microsoft is still the dominant player in the PC market, including email applications, this partnership should have at its fingertips a potential client list numbering in the thousands.

This availability will be particularly attractive for companies whose employees access their email on-the-go. More and more these days, employees are sending and receiving email messages using laptops, mobile phones, and handhelds. These users can’t possibly log in to their office email without using the Internet in some way, and this is where hosted email comes in. It’s much easier to have employees log in to a Web-based email system, with its stratospheric firewall, than it is to try to grant them access to the network servers back at the office. And with the Managed Email Archival service from Cobweb and ZANTAZ, these companies can now count on all of those email messages being stored for later recovery and analysis.

Specifically, email is moved from the Exchange server to an Archive Store, which is always accessible but which doesn’t always have all that email info active for retrieval. It’s like having a power source but using only part of the power: The rest of it is there only when you need it.

Especially now that today’s business professionals are sending more and more white papers, reports, documents, photos, and even videos via email, the needs of information storage are increasing as well. Now you have a means to put that information in a virtual safe deposit box, for on-demand viewing and in-demand retrieval.

The best thing about all of this is that Cobweb and ZANTAZ do the heavy virtual lifting for you. Their fee covers the headaches that your IT department would otherwise have.