Study: Your looks show what you drive

Study: Your looks show what you drive


You can probably tell what kind of car a person drives just by looking at them. According to research done by psychologists at Julius-Maximilians University in Germany, students were able to correctly match a person to the car they drive based solely on a picture almost 70 percent of the time.

In the study 60 men and women were asked to participate at a rest stop. A picture was taken of the individuals from the waist up and another picture was taken of their vehicles. Students were then shown 60 sets of three pictures. Each set included the person, their car and a car that wasn’t theirs. Students were able to correctly match 41 of the 60 pairs more than half the time. The cars ranged all the way from economy sedans to luxury rides.

They were able to base their conclusions on the faces of the people and their clothing, which shows their style and gives a clue to their wealth. The conclusions show that we fit pretty well into stereotypes and habits when it comes to what we drive.