RCA’s one-touch digital camcorder fits in your hand

RCA’s one-touch digital camcorder fits in your hand


Sometimes you just want a camcorder to fit in the palm of your hand. RCA has that covered with the EZ101, otherwise known as the Small Wonder.

This small yet powerful digital video recorder can shoot on-the-go video, then connect directly to your TV or a PC for viewing. You can also view it on the LCD, although the 1.5-inch screen is rather small for public showing off.

This is not the recorder that you want if you your aim is to capture every minute of your child’s birthday party or commencement speech, since the built-in memory is just 30 minutes. The camcorder is more for the shorter moments in life, the ones that can translate easily from spur-of-the-moment recording to MPEG4 on your PC. This, by the way, means that you can email your videos easily, since they’re automatically compressed.

RCA also wants you to know that you can also make a DVD of your recordings, although you’d have to get that done at an associated digital processing lab. No price or specifications have been revealed yet.