Philips SA9100 and SA9200 flash-based DAPs

Philips SA9100 and SA9200 flash-based DAPs


I know what you’re thinking already. “But how does it compare to the almighty iPod nano?” Well, we haven’t gotten our hands on the new digital music players from Philips just yet, but the 1GB SA9100 and 2GB SA9200 look like they’re up for the challenge. The click wheel found on the Apple piece has been exchanged for what they’re calling “sensory touchpad navigation.” Stepping on a couple of toes? Maybe, but the navigation lights up a brilliant blue in the dark. Yummy.

File support should the usual fare of MP3s and WMAs, as well as compatibility with the gotta-have-it PlaysForSure. The vivid color screen not only lets you navigate through your massive music collection but can also double as a display for your family photos (and album art). Unfortunately, it doesn’t do video though. Other key features include an FM tuner, voice recorder, and 14 hours of juice per charge.

Pricing is right in line with the Apple players, with the 1GB version going for $150 and the 2GB going fifty bucks more.