Mobile television chipsets hit $10 milestone

Mobile television chipsets hit $10 milestone


Remember when having a cell phone with an integrated camera was incredibly la-dee-dah, making you the envy of all your tech-loving friends? Nowadays, it seems more difficult to find a new handset that doesn’t sport some form of picture taker. The same trend is starting to develop with musicphones, and the next frontier, it seems, is mobile teleivision.

Well, it seems that semiconductor manufacturers have hit a tremendous milestone in making mobile television a little more mainstream, because chipsets for receiving and displaying television on mobile phones can reportedly now be made for ten bucks. According to ABI Research, this is the “first important milestone on a falling price trajectory”, and they’re predicting that the price will drop to $5 within the next few years.

There are still several other factors to be considered, however, like the numerous mobile TV standards out there. Between DVB-H, T-DMB, MediaFLO and others, it can be difficult for manufacturers to produce both universal chipsets and specialized chips. But hey, big dogs in the biz like Texas Instruments, ST Micro, and Freescale are ready for the challenge, as well as smaller upstarts like DiBcom, Frontier Silicon, and Newport Media.