iCarta brings the iPod into the bathroom

iCarta brings the iPod into the bathroom


Spend a lot of time in the bathroom? Newspaper not entertaining enough for you? Wish you had some iPod tunes with you in the shower? You should check out the iCarta iPod docking station from Atech. We’ve seen lots of integrated features before, but this is the first integrated bath tissue holder. It gives you a way to crank the tunes in the bathroom and enhance an existing dispenser at the same time.

The iCarta has four integrated high performance speakers (two tweeters and two woofers) which, obviously, can resist the water and moisture that it will be subjected to. It charges your iPod while it plays and can even manage a Shuffle if that’s all you have. When not in use to hold a roll, the tissue holder can be folded up to create a more streamlined stereo. You need AC power to power the player, which comes from an included AC adapter. There is a permanent wall mount, but the docking station can be easily removed from it.

The iCarta isn’t tiny, but it won’t dominate your bathroom either. It measures 8.25 x 3.68 x 7.12 inches. No word on price or availability.