Ford struggling, lagging behind GM

Ford struggling, lagging behind GM


When Japanese automakers first tried to break into the North American market so many years ago, they didn’t fare too well. People didn’t want a vehicle made an ocean apart from where they bought it, and reliability issues were abound. Today, the reverse appears to be true, with many people turning a cold shoulder to the American big three, and turning to automakers like Toyota and Honda, as well as European brands like BMW.

According to industry experts, Ford just may be the worst off these days. It’s a well known fact that General Motors is suffering as well, but at least they have cars like the “Chevy Corvette, Pontiac Solstice, or Saturn Sky” that can spark some emotion from the public. By contrast, the new Ford models are, according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Don Hammonds, “for the most part dull and uninteresting.” Look no further than say the Ford Five Hundred or Fusion and you’ll see the bland direction the company seems to be taking.

Jack Nerad of Kelley Blue Book agrees: “Ford was in worse shape than GM for the last six months or so… we are less positive about what’s coming up for them versus what GM has been announcing.” Interest in the Mustang “may be waning.” Time to unleash the Ford GT, boys.