Canada may ban electronic devices for young drivers

Canada may ban electronic devices for young drivers


Most of us have been cut off by someone too busy talking on their phone to pay attention to the road. The Canadian Automobile Association wants to do something about that, and they want to start with new drivers.

They have advocated a ban on the use of electronic devices for young drivers. The organization wants to make the ban part of the graduated licensing programs that exist in Canada and already place limits on new drivers including no driving at night and no traveling on four lane highways. The proposed electronics ban would extend beyond mobile phones to include MP3 players and wireless handheld devices.

There is research supporting the proposed program. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the U.S. found in April of this year that distractions are responsible for as many as 8 out of 10 accidents. Research has also shown a direct relationship between cellphone use and accidents, including handsfree devices.