A camping kit for the eco-friendly set

A camping kit for the eco-friendly set


I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to find when I arrive at a campsite is a generator polluting the air next door. Trouble is, everybody wants to bring their house with them when they travel, even if it’s back to Nature for the weekend.

Another common complaint is that campers leave all kinds of things behind when they leave. The debris is not just of the empty chips bag or empty beer can variety. Humans also leave behind all kinds of other trash, including chemicals found in most common soaps, shampoos, and cleaners.

Here’s an environmentally friendly camping kit that could solve some of these problems. First of all, the radio doesn’t need electricity or even batteries. It’s a wind-up model, with a long lifespan. The torch is wind-up, too.

Want to keep time? Check out the water-powered clock. You can leave your watch at home. If you can’t do without that iPod, though, the kit contains a solar-powered charger.

For those who want to keep clean without polluting the environment, there’s the organic soap and an organic towel, even the roll-up bed is organic.

All in all, this is a bag full of tricks that could send you a long way down the road to “Take Only Pictures. Leave Only Footprints.”