Philips PMC7230 PMP sports 30GB and a kickstand

Philips PMC7230 PMP sports 30GB and a kickstand


Who needs a portable DVD player when you can rock a hard-drive based personal media player instead. Sure, the screen is a tad bit smaller, but you don’t need to fumble around the with clumsy optical discs and can easily stash all of your personal vids for your viewing pleasure on the go.

The latest in PMPs comes by way of Philips and their new PMC7230. Available in 20 gigabyte and 30 gigabyte varieties, this personal media player runs on Windows Portable Media Center for a familiar user interface. The display is not huge, but big enough at three and a half inches, but best of all, you don’t need to cradle the thing in your lap the whole time. Throw out the kickstand and plop it on a nearby table.

Expected support includes a wide variety of music and movie formats, including PlaysForSure. Look for the Philips PMC7230 personal media player to hit shelves this September with an asking price of about $350.