L337 binary watches from 1HE0NE

L337 binary watches from 1HE0NE


For some, being the supreme geek means having knowledge about everything surrounding a particular topic, sort of like Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons. For others, it meets being able to hack into Bill Gates bank account and fiddle around with all of his finances. Here’s yet another way to get your geek on: binary watches from the people at 1HE0NE (or “The One”).

Sure, you could rock a Bluetooth watch from Citizen, or get some of the stranger designs from Japan to stand out from the crowd, but for full geek status, you just might want to turn to the best-selling “Kerala Trance” and “Samui Moon” binary watches, both of which are made of stainless steel and are water resistant up to 100 feet. There are over 30 models in all, available with either blue or red LEDs.

1HE0NE has simplified the process for us by placing “the equivalent decoding numbers just above each glowing dot. Add up the numbers, and you have the exact time.”