High-end d-JAY ear buds from Jens

High-end d-JAY ear buds from Jens


You might remember Jens of Sweden for their incredibly overpriced but uber-bling music players, but now Jens (sans the “of Sweden”) is set to take a little more subdued look but still grab a pretty penny out of your coin pouch. Jens Nylander has just unleashed the d-JAY in-ear headphones.

While on the surface, they don’t look like anything particularly special, throw them on and jam to a couple of tunes, and you’ll quickly discover that they reduce “up to 90% of the surrounding noise by producing the sound inside the ear.” Marketing speak, maybe, but their appearance reminds of those noise-cancelling buds from Shure, so there just might be something substantial to that claim.

Available in standard black and white, as well as three as-of-yet unnamed “limited-edition” colors (naturally), the Jens d-JAY earphones will start shipping in August for about a hundred bucks. Pre-order now and get 20% off.