Cingular 8125 and 2125 to receive Direct Push Technology

Cingular 8125 and 2125 to receive Direct Push Technology


Whenever the term “push email” comes up, the first company that always comes to mind is Canada’s Research in Motion and their legendary BlackBerry device. However, devices that run on Windows Mobile 5.0 don’t want to be left out of the picture either, and if you happen to be a Cingular subscriber, you won’t need to manually receive your messages anymore.

Cingular has just announced that they will be providing Microsoft Direct Push Technology to their 8125 (based on the HTC Wizard) and 2125 (HTC Tornado) Smartphones, allowing for automatic real-time updates regarding email, scheduling, and other important information for business uers on the go.

Being away from the office doesn’t need to hinder your connectivity. With the new service, you’ll receive your email immediately through Direct Push Technology, get your Outlook tasks automatically synchronized, and be able to wirelessly access your company’s Global Address List even if its not stored on the wireless device itself.

Pricing for the new data plan, which includes Microsoft Direct Push Technology, will run you $45 for 8125 users and $30 for 2125 users, in addition to a “qualifying voice plan”. The software update will be available for free off of the company’s website starting June 19.