Arko’s new DAP is super shiny

Arko’s new DAP is super shiny


What do you get when you take the chrome backing on an iPod nano and throw it on BOTH sides of the music player? That question was answered at Computex in Taipei this week when Arko unveiled their new unnamed portable music player.

Most people will quickly notice that there aren’t any face buttons whatsoever, leaving all the controls along the side of this player. Whether this was done for aesthetic reasons as to not mar the shiny, shiny appeal of this DAP remains to be seen. The color display looks quite vibrant, and there is an optional FM radio as well. They’re a little skinny on the exact deets, however, with no mention of storage capacity and the line dedicated to format support only reading as “MP3, WMA, etc.” The same can be said about battery life as it has “low power consumption.” Better than high, I suppose.

Other key ingredients include a voice recorder, USB 2.0 connectivity, and on-screen lyrics. No word on pricing or availability.