Another BlackBerry on the way: 7130v

Another BlackBerry on the way: 7130v


One of the reasons why I’m in love with HTC is that they actually give their products creative names so that they are easily differentiated without having to resort to Google to figure out exactly what everyone is talking about.

That said, it seems like the North American public is infatuated with combinations of letters and numbers for all their automobiles and electronic devices, so manufacturers simply have to follow suit. We already know about the BlackBerry 7130c available through Cingular, but Research in Motion is set to unleash the 7130v onto the British and American public as early as next month.

From a pure aesthetic standpoint, the 7130v appears virtually identical to its C counterpart. You still get the SureType keyboard for all your input needs, and the standard fare of EDGE data and quad-band GSM support will also be on board. Other key features include Bluetooth 2.0, 64MB of flash memory and 16MB of RAM.

Word is that the UK will get their hands on the BlackBerry 7130v via T-Mobile and Vodafone, whereas T-Mobile will be the carrier to greet for you American RIM lovers.