Aiwa’s UZ-PS128 headphones with built-in MP3 player

Aiwa’s UZ-PS128 headphones with built-in MP3 player


To some people, Aiwa “is and always was a lower-end brand of Sony”, but I grew up listening to my Aiwa-branded record player and I loved it. The name brand is still alive and kicking, and this time they’re pushing the technology just a touch beyond what is currently available.

When you’re going for a hike or working out in the gym, you need your tunes but don’t want to get tangled up in wires, right? So, Aiwa has released the UZ-PS128, a set of wraparound headphones that double as an MP3 player. Too bad there’s only 128MB of flash on-board, but that should be enough to get you through your hour-long workout. File support includes MP3, WMA, and AAC.

Should you choose to simply use the UZ-PS128 as a shiny set of headphones and nothing more, they’ve put an analog input in there so you can connect it to just about any audio source, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose.

Available online now, the Aiwa UZ-PS128 fetches a wide range of prices across the interweb, from as low as fifty bucks to over $165.