A legitimate nano clone? Safa SS100

A legitimate nano clone? Safa SS100


Anytime a relatively thin, candybar-shaped personal music player hits the market, everyone can’t help but do a direct comparison against the benchmark in the industry, the iPod nano. The same is inevitably true about the SS100 digital audio player from Safa. Heck, throw a click wheel on this thing and Joe Public might not even be able to tell the difference.

Based on the picture, they’ve kept to the Apple model quite closely. The glossy black front is complemented well by the shiny back cover, and the vivid color screen is placed appropriately above the primary controls. The set of six buttons below the display, however, give off a certain “retro charm that accentuates its uniqueness.”

Just like the nano, the Safa SS100 is available with up to four gigabytes of storage. Cheaper models offer 2GB and 512MB of space (they skipped the one gigger for some reason). Interestingly, they’re not showing any love for AAC, WMA, or other audio formats, resorting only to the tried and true MP3. You can also view JPG and TXT files. Rounding out the features is a 10-band equalizer and a built-in mic. No word on pricing.