Overpriced Nokia 8801 available through T-Mobile

Overpriced Nokia 8801 available through T-Mobile


Looking for a phone that doesn’t do much more than what a bargain basement (potentially free with contract) handset can do, but you want to look great doing it? Look no further than the handsome Nokia 8801 that is now available through T-Mobile, the first time the pretty phone has been sold through an American service provider.

Besides its shiny stainless steel exterior (I guess the build quality must be quite nice), sleek slider-like design, and hefty price tag, there really isn’t much that sets the Nokia 8801 apart from your typical freebie as far as features. Sure, it can handle EDGE data, but they’ve only thrown in a slightly better than VGA (800 x 600) camera for you to use. The 64MB of internal flash memory is fairly decent, though.

The tri-band GSM phone that has been available to Canadians through Fido for some time can now be picked up at your local American T-Mobile kiosk for a wallet-squeezing $550 with discount.