Mobile game downloads skyrocket

Mobile game downloads skyrocket


That kid sitting next to you on the bus could be using his mobile phone to be play Call of Duty 2. If he is, he’s one of a growing number of hard-core gamers who are turning to the mobile theater to get their gaming kicks.

The rise in sophisticated mobile phones has given game manufacturers another outlet for their products. The aforementioned Call of Duty 2 is a prime example. According to one source, it’s one of the most downloaded games for those using Verizon phones.

Fans of electronic football will be glad to know that Madden Football2007 will have both a PC and a mobile phone version, with both to be issued on the same day.

Helio, rather new to the mobile block, has made some phones with the mobile gamer in mind. These phones sport special game-oriented keys and a screen that is larger than what you normally see on a mobile phone.

It’s not just single-player games like poker and solitaire, either. Multiplayer and 3-D games are enjoying popularity as mobile downloads continue to grow.

Overall, analysts expect the mobile game market to triple in the next few years. And in a sort of electronic symbiosis, as games get more sophisticated, phones will expand (in memory and graphics capability) to match.