Jump rope without the rope, patented

Jump rope without the rope, patented


Now, I’m all for going wireless for just about everything we do on a daily basis. I can’t live without my cell phone and I love working on a wireless network for all my internet and file sharing needs. It’s great being able to beam ringtones over to my buddy’s phone from across the room without having to use any kind of cable. But when it comes to physical exercise and keeping in shape, however, I think I have to draw the line. Lester Clancy has filed for and has been awarded a patent for his ropeless jump rope. Yes, you read correctly.

What you’re left with is a pair of handles with weighted balls that are said to “simulate the feel of the rope.” Granted, not everyone is coordinated enough to be able to jump rope very well, but isn’t that half of the purpose of jumping rope in the first place (that and the social ramifications on the playground, but let’s leave that for the child psychologists)? Learning to be coordinated and to keep fit?

What do I know, though, because there are already a few media outlets that are covering this “groundbreaking” invention, so don’t be surprised if in a short while you find the clutz at the gym jumping rope without a rope. I guess it’s just “jump”.