Volvo developing system that brakes for you

Volvo developing system that brakes for you


With a cell phone in one hand, eyes on the vanity mirror to double check the hairdo before the big presentation, and the other hand holding on the obligatory big mug of java, drivers these days are probably the most distracted people on the face of the earth, and that can be incredibly dangerous.

Volvo has already implemented the Collision Warning System in its S80 sedan, warning drivers when there seems to be a potential collision on the way. A red light flashes and a buzzer sounds to tell you that you either need to swerve out of the way or start slamming on those brakes. Well, the Swedish automaker has gone one step further in safety and is developing a system that actually applies the brakes for you, softening or even preventing otherwise imminent collisions.

In the video below, you can see a Volvo about to plow over a pillowed-up dummy car, but the next generation Collision Warning System puts on the brakes and stops the car before it hits anything. Completely automatic braking power. No word on when this will become a commercially available option (or even standard equipment).