TC Kline wraps BMW Z4 M roadster in carbon fiber, losing 400...

TC Kline wraps BMW Z4 M roadster in carbon fiber, losing 400 lbs


While tuner enthusiasts will be quick to tell you that it’s not quite the same when you buy a vehicle that is already modified, you have to admit that getting the professionals to do the job usually results in a much more refined product.

Case in point is the “Carbon Roadster” which is rolling out of TC Kline Racing, a car that started out as a run of the mill BMW Z4 roadster, but emerged as a beautifully slick ride with a carbon fiber body. Add that change to other weight reduction measures like unique Recaro racing seats, a lightweight flywheel, and performance exhaust, and the Carbon Roadster is 400 pounds lighter than its bone stock Z4 M brethren.

This car is also one of the most aerodynamic pieces you’ll find on the road with a new front air dam, front wheel house vents, sideskirts, and rear diffusers. Other upgrades include KONI double adjustable coilover struts and rear shocks, upgraded brakes with big 345mm rotors in the front and 328mm rotors in the rear, and some hot 19 inch forged aluminum wheels wrapped in 295-wide Michelin ultra high performance rubber.

The “Carbon Roadster” from TC Kline is expected to go on sale this summer. No word on pricing, but don’t expect it to come cheap.