Police crack arson-for-hire scam to avoid high gas prices

Police crack arson-for-hire scam to avoid high gas prices


If you have an SUV, filling up the tank these days is probably a pretty depressing activity. A car dealership in Southern California has been busted for providing a solution to the price problem for customers. When customers called the dealership looking to trade their SUV in for something that didn’t drink gas quite as quickly, the finance manager told them to leave the vehicle in a designated spot with the keys in the ignition and $300 in the glove compartment. The arsonist would take the car, burn it and insurance would cover the cost of a new, more fuel efficient vehicle or rid the owner of payments on the gas guzzling SUV.

Seems like a good plan, but of course the scam got uncovered. Police and insurance companies became suspicious and an undercover agent posed as a customer wanting an ‘accident’ to happen. A camera in the dash of the car caught the arsonist and the gig was up. This ring is busted, but the problem still exists in great numbers for firefighters.

The moral here – if you can’t afford to put gas in your ride, sell it. Don’t torch it.