Philips WAK3300 alarm clock has Wi-Fi tunes

Philips WAK3300 alarm clock has Wi-Fi tunes


I’m not a morning person. Never have been, probably never will be. As much as I enjoy my gig here at Mobile Magazine, one of the hardest things I have to do each day is get my lazy butt out of bed. I’m tired of listening to the useless drivel that local radio personalities have to offer, and I can’t stand the headache-inducing buzzer that my current alarm clock gives off. Philips has got a solution that is perfect for people like me, though, because their new WAK3300 can stream music wirelessly to your bedside, allowing you to wake up to your favourite tunes.

As an extension to their Streamium line of connected home media devices, the WAK3300 can hop onto your Wi-Fi network and grab the appropriate music as needed. Although they’re telling us to use (read: buy more stuff from us) the Philips WACS700 wireless music system – now available with 80 gigs of storage – my guess is that it should work with just about any machine that does UPnP.

No word on whether the Philips WAK3300 can do AM or FM, nor do we know when (and how much) this glorious bedside companion will be.