Motorola Q does old school NES gaming too

Motorola Q does old school NES gaming too


Wow, what can’t this phone do? The world’s slimmest smartphone has just learned itself another trick. We’ve already heard about the Motorola Q allowing users to watch TV through Slingplayer Mobile (Slingbox), and rock the satellite tunes through XM Radio, but the latest video that has popped up on the internet shows the Q running “Pocket NES.”

No instructions or direction were given as to how you could get to play old school Nintendo classics on your Verizon Q, but it’s great just to know that it’s possible. In the video below, you can Super Mario Bros. 3 being enjoyed by “wildcatct”, complete with the unforgettable tunes and sound effects that immediately throw you back into your childhood.

The controls seem a little awkward, but that could be just an effect of the person using one hand to (shakily) hold the camera, leaving only one hand for gameplay. I’d imagine playing Mario with two hands would be just a touch easier. Forget the DS Lite, it’s all about the Q!