iLuv i1055 – a big display for your iPod, and more

iLuv i1055 – a big display for your iPod, and more


Last week we saw the Sonic Impact K1, which gave you a 7 inch display for your 5G iPod. This week, the iLuv i1055 offers the same eye-pleasing display, but in a different manner. The Sonic version was a folding design, whereas the iLuv is a single screen, tablet style device with a docking station on the back of the screen.

The iLuv gives you some more versatility as well. Besides the iPod, it can also play content from DVDs or Audio CDs thanks to an integrated drive. That makes it an extra that actually makes sense, because it doesn’t just rely on the iPod, and it offers some useful functionality at a decent price. Add a TV tuner and we’d be in heaven.

Those among us who are stylish can choose an iLuv in either black or white to match, or contrast with, their iPod. Power comes from an on-board rechargeable battery.
It will cost you $250, and that includes a remote, headphones and a carrying case.