Epson reveals latest in electronic paper process

Epson reveals latest in electronic paper process


It’s not just weapons, medicine and classroom pointers that utilize lasers anymore. Now, they are being used to make a kind of paper.

Epson has unveiled a technology to create electronic paper using lasers. The requisite acronym is SUFTLA, which stands for surface-free technology by laser annealing. The process employed a super-thin film transistor LCD manufactured at a very low temperature to transfer data from its source to plastic film. The result is something that looks just like a piece of paper superimposed on an LCD. The resultion is 428×238.

It is the latest development in a years-long effort by Epson to develop what it calls “e-paper,” which can be rolled up and folded. Efforts in this regard began back in 2004, and the company hopes to have a full version of the e-paper ready for common consumption a few years from now.