Device shrinks driver’s blind spots

Device shrinks driver’s blind spots


Here’s a device that we can really get behind. It’s called LaneFX, and it shows you what’s in your blind spot while you’re driving.

This potentially life-saving device is from a company called Drivaware. The handy little box plugs in to your side mirrors and turn signal system. Once you flick on a turn signal, the LaneFX turns your side mirror for you, showing more of the road than you would normally see.

We like the fact that the range of the mirrors are customizable in scope of movement and time of expanded movement, so each driver can decide how far out the mirrors go and how long they stay out there. We also like the fact that the device also turns your mirrors down when you shift in reverse, so you can see something on the ground that you might otherwise have run over.

The device won’t work unless your car has power mirrors, of course. And the menu-based LCD screen might take a little getting used to.

Still, for those who have trouble remembering to look behind them when merging or turning, this device will be a welcome addition to their driving experience.