Companies offer cash to employees who go green

Companies offer cash to employees who go green


Some of the biggest companies out there are very eager to have their employees drive hybrids, and they are putting their money behind their desire. Some companies are offering incentives, including cash to help with the purchase, for employees who go green with their car purchases.

Bank of America offers $3,000 as a one-time, taxable benefit for employees who buy a hybrid. Google goes further, offering $5,000 to buy one or $2,500 to lease one. Timberland isn’t as monetarily generous, giving $3,000, but hybrid buyers also get a prime parking space.

Though this type of incentive isn’t new (we heard about the first companies offering this a year or more ago), it is definitely spreading in popularity. The obvious incentive for the companies is to earn a little bit of good will by doing a popular and publicly well viewed favor to the environment. Critics contend that such a program drives consumerism and ignores other fuel efficient practices like motorcycles and scooters, or even public transit or bicycles.