Sidekick 3 features preview: some good, some ho-hum


    The Sidekick 3 isn’t out yet, but that won’t stop us from showing you some pictures of it and sharing some details.

    This expectedly popular device will boast some exciting new features, once it is released. (No official word on that yet, although we suspect that it will be soon because of the sudden “release” of pictures and info.)

    So they’ve replaced the scroll wheel with a trackball. Together with a directional pad on the other side of what is a mostly full-size keyboard, this gives us a nearly-PC experience.

    The big highlight is the wireless capability, via Bluetooth. You can snap photos with the built-in 1.3mp camera and then zip those photos off via email to your friends and family. You can use the full keyboard to type a nice message instead of relying on the OMG-LOL functionality that an A9 phone keypad allows.

    T-Mobile is all excited about the new music player. To us, it seems more of a yawn. It plays JP3s, which aren’t exactly MP3s although they’re close. And, the SD card on which those JP3s are stored is the same one you use to store your photos. We can imagine that SD card filling up rather quickly.

    We’ll wait to issue final judgment until the product is available for purchase. For now, we’re content to see photos of the nearly finished product and imagine what will be.