Pocket LOOX T Series gets integrated GPS

Pocket LOOX T Series gets integrated GPS


Personally, I think that when you want to talk convergence devices, the epitome is the rising popularity of smartphones. They really are starting to do it all, from your regular cellular telephony and personal information management to email and other applications. Get ready for the next wave of functionality in smartphones because Fujitsu-Siemens has teamed up with SiRF Technology Holdings to integrate a single-chip SiRFstarIII GPS receiver into the Pocket LOOX T Series smartphones.

What this means is that the next set of Pocket LOOX T Series smartphones coming off the lines at Fujitsu Siemens will be ready for navigation and other location-based services (like real-time routing) right out of the box. No need to carry around a separate GPS receiver, thanks to SiRF’s signature architecture.

Among its selling points, these GPS-enabled devices will provide a highly intuitive interface, fast time to first fix, and SiRFLoc multimode technology.

No word on when the first set of Fujitsu-Siemens smartphones will carry the SiRFStarIII GPS chipset.